Preah Khan Temple

History, Legends and Mysteries of Cambodia’s Preah Khan Temple

Built in the 12th century, the Preah Khan temple is one of the grandest and most mysterious temples in Cambodia. Its massive walls preserve a fascinating legacy of Angkor-era culture, and within its mystical confines lie stories that have been told for centuries.

Learn About Preah Khan’s Significance in History

The Preah Khan temple is one of the most historically significant monuments in Cambodia. It was built by King Jayavarman VII after his success in reclaiming Angkor from the Chams, and it stands as a testament to the great leader’s architectural achievements. In later centuries, it became an important center of study in Cambodian Buddhism and is still considered sacred by Buddhists today.

Explore the Temple Grounds and Discover the Legend of King Jayavarman VII

The grounds of Preah Khan temple are an adventure in history. Explore the ruins and get lost among its numerous chambers, hidden passageways and intricate reliefs that all tell the story of King Jayavarman VII’s incredible reign. Towering brick walls and moats still surround the area, encompassing a vast array of chedis, courtyards and cloisters – all evidence of a richly layered past that continues to be unravelled by scholars to this day.

Uncover Artistic Wonders Within the Ruins of Preah Khan

Preah Khan Temple holds many secrets and surprises. As you wander through the grounds, take time to observe the intricate carving found throughout – explore the delicate reliefs depicting Buddhist and Hindu scenes, discover giant stone linga, or be amazed by the larger than life sculptures of Avalokitesvara and Vishnu – just some of the priestly gods thought to have visited this royal enclave.

Tour Local Communities Nearby and Find Out How it Shaped the Preah Khan Landscape

Preah Khan Temple is located close to many of Cambodia’s local communities, making it the perfect spot to learn more about the culture of this country. Visit the villages around the temple and speak to the locals to find out their stories, experiences, and beliefs that have shaped this area over time. Your conversations may lead to discovering secrets and stories which provide insight into how ancient culture and lifestyles have endured in Preah Khan until today.

Participate in an Evening Ritual to Honor the Spirits of Preah Khan Temple.

Every night, groups of villagers gather around Preah Khan Temple to honor the spirits that protect the gates of this historical monument. During the ritual, locals will bring drums and other musical instruments to sing songs in both Khmer and English which tell stories about the temple’s past. Once the songs have been finished, food offerings are made to honor the spirits and ask for their protection. Join in on these nightly rituals to remember why this temple is so important to Cambodia’s culture and people.

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