Banteay Samre Temple

Discovering the Lost Gem of Angkor Wat: Banteay Samre Temple

Explore the historic and beautiful Banteay Samre Temple situated within the Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia. Dating back centuries, this temple has multiple stories waiting to be unraveled – from its unique architecture to its intricate sculptures and carvings. Discover this underrated attraction and unlock a piece of history.

What is the History Behind Banteay Samre?

Thought to have been built in the late 12th or early 13th century by King Suryavarman II, the Banteay Samre Temple is more than just a pretty sight. The temple was dedicated either to Vishnu or Shiva and serves as an Incense-Burning Hall for rituals. It is much smaller than many of the other temples in Angkor Wat but far more well-preserved, with its intricate sculptures and beautifully preserved carvings still in tact from centuries ago.

What Can You Find at Banteay Samre?

Banteay Samre is home to a number of unique features, including its four huge entrances, five central towers and the library. The walls are decorated with beautiful carvings depicting Hindu stories, battles and mythical creatures. There’s also an impressive hall of dancing apsaras which has been beautifully restored. An interesting feature is the multi-storey platform in the centre of the temple, where many believe sacrifices were made during past ceremonies or rituals.

What Tips Should You Bear in Mind When Visiting Banteay Samre?

It’s advisable to wear sensible shoes when visiting the temple, as some walkways and stairs can be slippery due to the large amounts of rainfall in this part of the world. Avoid clambering over any stonework or artifacts, as other tourists might not exercise as much care and respect. You may also wish to visit early in the morning for a less crowded experience – just make sure you plan your journey accordingly!

How Does the Temple Compare to Angkor Wat Complex?

Banteay Samre Temple is the lesser-known architectural marvel within the Angkor Wat complex. It’s made up of intricately carved stone carvings that are reminiscent of some of the finest temple ruins in Asia, and many tourists find its authenticity unrivaled by other sites in this famous sanctuary. Banteay Samre is perfect for hiking enthusiasts and history buffs alike, as it offers a rare opportunity to gaze upon years of Cambodian history.

What Are the Best Ways to Get to Banteay Samre from Angkor Wat?

Banteay Samre Temple is located about four miles from Angkor Wat and can be accessed via tuk-tuk, bike or car. A great way to get there is to rent a bicycle and explore the nearby historic ruins while traversing the countryside. Alternatively, you can rent a tuk-tuk or car that meets your budget and convenience. Either method provides a memorable journey as travelers make their way to this vast complex of temples.

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