Angkor Thom South Gate

The Secrets of Angkor Thom South Gate Revealed

Located in the heart of Cambodia’s Angkor region, the South Gate of Angkor Thom is an awe-inspiring site to behold. Standing at 12 meters high and 36 meters wide, this sandstone masterpiece provides a majestic entrance to the ancient city of Angkor. Learn about its fascinating history and what to expect from a visit to the South Gate.

Overview of Angkor Thom South Gate

The South Gate, also known as the Victory Gate, is one of the five entrances to Angkor Thom. Built in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII, this gate is adorned with sandstone sculptures that depict scenes from Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The grand entrance features four towers that symbolize Universal Royalty – representing Heaven, Earth, Hell and Nirvana – and is intricately decorated with faces of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara.

History of the Angkor Thom South Gate

The Angkor Thom South Gate was built in the late 12th century as part of King Jayavarman VII’s construction of Angkor Thom. The gate stands in stark contrast to other gates found in the city, its entrance featuring four towers that represent Universal Royalty and are adorned with faces of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. While much has been lost over time, the gate is still a stunning piece of architecture which serves as a reminder of the rich history of this ancient Khmer city.

What to See and Do at Angkor Thom South Gate

Beyond the grand entrance, the walls that surround Angkor Thom are also worth exploring. You can find many carvings on the stone wall that depict stories from Hindu and Buddhist myths. Additionally, the wall features information about King Jayavarman VII’s conquest of other countries, as well as his battle with invaders. As you explore further into the city, you’ll come across structures such as palaces, temples, statues of gods and many more interesting sites.

How to Get to the Angkor Thom South Gate

Angkor Thom South Gate is located in the Siem Reap province just about 5 miles north of the main town. You can get there by car, taxi, bus, or tuk-tuk (three-wheeled motorcycle taxi). The most popular tour plan for a visit to Angkor Thom is to explore the area around it on foot, with some guided tours allowing access to more remote sections. Additionally, you can rent bicycles or take elephants to explore the far corners of the grounds. Exclusive jeeps are also an option if you want to add some flair to your trip.

Tips for Visiting Angkor Thom South Gate

Visiting Angkor Thom South Gate is an experience that should not be missed. Before you go, make sure to do some research about the area so you know what to expect. When you arrive at the entrance, remember to bring your passport as entry requires a valid fee. Finally, don’t forget to take plenty of photos – this is one magical place and it will be worth all of the memories captured!

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